Traditional Lawn Care

Eliminating weeds in your lawn is only half the battle. We do target hundreds of weed varieties with ease and confidence, but our special lawn care programs do so much more. They are truly unique and revolutionary within today’s green industry.

Why are time-released synthetic fertilizers bad for my lawn?

Using time-released synthetic fertilizers is very much like spoon feeding a baby. These time-released synthetic products go directly to the roots without the roots having to do any work. Over time this encourages a weak root system and can increase the risk of drought stress. Insects and diseases thrive on such weak and drought stricken plants!

Why does Weed Pro® Lawn Care put such emphasis on my soil’s health? Why is this so important?

Healthy soil, optimal for plant growth, requires the “magic” of tiny organisms that flourish in the soil when all is in balance. These organisms must be supported to promote root growth and healthy plants. They help convert organic matter and soil minerals into the vitamins, hormones, disease-suppressing compounds and nutrients that plants need to grow. Our Traditional Plus program is an upgraded micro-released product developed to enhance the microscopic activity in your soil.

You’ve seen our animated video explaining how the microbes interact with the plant roots. This is a simplified representation of how microbes actually feed in nature. At Weed Pro® Lawn Care we are proud to introduce and offer soil building services that work in harmony with nature.

We invite you to take a moment to educate yourself about what these microbial soil processes are and how the microbes look under a microscope. This can help you make the best decision about our different products and the one that fits your needs and your budget.

While our competition is guessing, we’re soil testing!

WeedPro® Lawn Care - Traditional Plus

Our 7 application Program Includes a Free Basic Soil Test!


Want to save money on your water bill? With our Traditional Plus program, our fertilizers provide all the necessary nutrients for a healthy lawn using less water. Our organic-based fertilizers are microbe-activated which means that they will slowly feed the grass over a period of several weeks to minimize surge growth, browning and burning.

Most standard fertilizers require a regular watering schedule to ensure proper nutrient release. These fertilizers will burn or cause serious fungus problems if applied improperly or left unattended with no water.

Soil Conditioner & Soil Amendments

At Weed Pro® Lawn Care, we don’t use soil depleting products and then try to “up-sale” additional services to correct the issues they’ve created. Our Natural soil amendments are part of our basic program!

Lime is applied to balance naturally acidic soils, increasing the soil’s pH levels to optimize the release of fertilizer and nutrients to your grass. Your free soil analysis will be used to determine how much is needed. We also provide OMRI- listed natural minerals that include micro nutrients and trace elements. These help create and sustain optimum conditions for soil organisms; conditions that have been degraded by years of traditional lawn fertilizers.

Weed Control

Inevitably, some weeds are not affected by pre-emergents. These are called escape weeds.

  • These weeds are hand sprayed at each Weed Pro® visit to maximize product effectiveness and to ensure that they are controlled before they become a problem.
  • Also available are special “Weed Eliminator” programs for infestations resulting from lawn neglect or missed applications of pre-emergents. Some examples of these infestations are wild violets, nutsedge, dallisgrass, and crabgrass.


They minimize weed infestation by creating a barrier so that annual weeds like crabgrass do not germinate in the lawn. We use time-tested products that have been proven to work effectively for you and your lawn.